Simplify your Research Lab.

From the small stuff to the big picture, Sciencely organises work so research teams know what to do, why it matters and how to get it done.

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Work on science
without the busywork

Sciencely keeps your projects, experiments, data, tasks and documents neatly organised and easy to share with your team. Collaboration made easy. 

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Never worry about documentation

Tired of paper notebooks and post-it notes? So are we. Standardise your documentation and make it easily findable. Create a smooth onboarding process for new hires and collaborators.

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Enjoy customised workflows and support

No need to adapt to new processes. We customise the platform to fit the roles of your team members and collaborators and with your workflows. As your work evolves we'll be available to adapt the platform to your needs. Make technology work for you.

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Ease your pains with our suite of mini-tools

We've worked in research labs and know well the time spent on the same calculations, conversions and other annoyances. We make these recurring obstacles disappear by providing you with mini-tools integrated in your platform. You can count on us to make science simple.

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Know your data is secure

All your data and configurations are hosted in the EU on infrastructre that is certified:


- ISO 27001 security

- HDS, Health Data Hosting

- Tier 3 Uptime


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